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Reasons for Digital Eye Strain: Lens Design

This is the domain of an Optometrist. Please speak your Optometrist for all your options however…


If you do not wear multifocal (bifocal or progressive) lenses there are options to relax your eyes. The lenses mentioned above come in prescription versions (Essilor EyeZen, Zeiss Digital and Nikon Relaxsee are examples of antifatigue lenses. These lenses help reduce eye strain by assisting your eye’s focusing system.)


If you wear reading glasses only, these may not work well at a desktop screen because traditional readers only provide a narrow depth of focus. There are products that extend this range (e.g. Essilor Digitime or Zeiss Officelens) and are very helpful to reduce strain and address multiple working distance issues.


If you wear multifocal lenses, a lined bifocal may work for a tablet, laptop or phone but may not work well for a desktop screen. Conversely, a no-line bifocal (progressive lens) may help for a desktop and not be great for details.   It is a matter of finding the right combination for your visual demands.

Last modified onWednesday, 22 April 2020 16:00
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