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Confusing Omega 3 - What to take for your Eyes - Advice, Information & Successful Clinic-Tested Eye Products

How much Omega 3 should I take for dry eye?

Simple question but the answer is a bit complex.  Omega 3 supplements vary widely in their potency.

The following information is what I recommend in clinic.

It is not applicable to everyone and talk to your eye care provider for mor information.


Look at the label of your Omega 3 supplement.  Look for these numbers:

Serving Size:  e.g. 1,2,4 capsules

Capsule Size: e.g. 500mg to 1200mg

EPA content and DHA content.

Ignore the serving size initially.
Look at the EPA + DHA total

This total needs to be APPROX 1000mg per dayThen figure out how many servings that you need
to get ~1000mg/day of EPA + DHA

Also look for the form (triglyceride preferred)

See example below


On the above Krill Omega 3 label...  one capsule (serving) has 75mg (EPA) + 45mg (DHA) = 120mg.   For dry eye therapy I recommend 1000mg/day so... you would need 1000/120 = 8.33 ~ 8 capsules a day.  (That's alot!)

On the PRN Omega 3 label to the right... one serving is 4 capsules which delivers 920 mg (EPA) + 920 mg (DHA) = 1840mg.

I would recommend just 2 capsules (1/2 serving size) of the PRN high potency product.

You can buy PRN product here from meyeSPA.


Liquid Omega 3's generally have high potency and usually 1/2 a teaspoon will achieve the ~1000mg guideline but check the label.









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