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Recommendations for Lipid Deficiency Dry Eye


meyespa iris  Recommendations based on a Lipid Deficiency Dry Eye (MOST common form)

  The goal of treating lipid deficiency dry eye is to reduce the evaporation of tears from the ocular surface as low moisture causes irritation and damage to the ocular tissue.

  LEVEL ONE: Use non-preserved rewetting drops designed for Lipid Deficiency.  Recommended 2-6 times per day.

     Option 1 - Hyabak® available through mEYE Spa (filtered bottle)
     Option 2 – non-preserved Optive Fusion or Optive Advanced - available through any pharmacy – individual use

  LEVEL TWO: All level ONE recommendations but to an enhanced vigilance also add

          [1] 5-10min of Bruder Mask at bedtime
          [2] Omega 3’s (more info here) 1000mg/day to 2000mg/day (note that Omega 3 is not to be used with Coumadin or other Rx blood thinners)

  LEVEL TWO+: (overnight irritation) All level ONE recommendations but to an enhanced vigilance also add a non-preserved eye gel at bedtime -
                        Recommended: Ocunox or I-Defence available at mEYE Spa or some pharmacies

  LEVEL THREE: Pulse of prescription topical steroid and/or oral medications would be discussed by Optometrist for inflammatory dry eye disease

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