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Ocular Allergy Information: Environmental or Pet Allergies

Ocular Allergy Information: Environmental or Pet Allergies

Practical Information for those who suffer from ocular allergies

The Basics - Ocular Allergy - mEYEspa Featured

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A huge percentage of the population suffer from allergies. Some allergy sufferers know exactly what their trigger is but often the exact culprit is a mystery. There are many environmental (dust, pollen) and specific (animal) triggers that effect eyes and cause ocular allergy signs and symptoms (Allergic Conjunctivitis) Allergic eyes are: red itchy (especially in the insider corners) may have a stringy white discharge both eyes effected have bumps under eyelids Allergic eyes are not: goopy with yellowish discharge painful extremely light sensitive achey These posts are not meant to be diagnostic but rather general information. If you think you…

Oral Antihistamines for Ocular Allergy

Oral antihistamines give broad allergy relief and may be adequate for some ocular allergy sufferers. However eye drops can be very useful for those individuals who: Do not really have systemic allergy signs/symptoms like sneezing and congestion Find that even with oral medications, ocular allergies persist Find that the needed oral antihistamines dry out their eyes and create irritation or contact lens intolerance Find oral antihistamines make them drowsy and was alternatives

Non Prescription Eye Drops for Allergy

What non-prescription and prescription eye drop options do ocular allergy sufferers have? Rewetting drops - Do not under-rate regular use of non-preserved rewetting drops. When using oral antihistamines, your eyes will be more dry and using a drop like Thealoz® can help flush your eyes and make them feel better. Regular use of rewetting drops can also make you more tolerant to contact lenses during your seasonal allergies. Ice - If your allergies are more acute in nature (e.g. animal dander), ice can be a useful treatment if you simply do not have drops or need immediate relief. An ice…

Prescription Eye Drops for Allergy

Antihistamine Eye Drops - There is a broad spectrum of these drops and depending upon where you live, some are prescription and some are over-the-counter. These drops combat free antigens in the eye (versus stabilizers that only prevent histamine release). Older antihistamines like Naphcon-A, Opcon-A are reasonably effective for short-term or acute relief. Slightly newer drops like Zaditor have more punch for sure. The most successful drop that our Optometry advisors prescribe (because it is once a day and effective as both antihistamine and stabilizer) is Pataday. Pataday is sold under prescription in some areas and non-prescription in others -…
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