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Hyabak® | 0.15% Sodium Hyaluronate

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Hyabak® has far exceeded our patients' expectations to help dry eyes and contact lens related irritation.

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Part of the magic of Hyabak® is in the bottle.  The special, filtered bottle allows for the drop to be non-preserved.  This means that it is very gentle to the ocular surface and can be used many times a day if required.  Hyabak®'s bottle also has a long shelf life of 90 days once opened.  This is 3 times longer than a standard bottles' shelf life.  Non-preserved drops are typically delivered in single dose vials costing much more.   Each Hyabak® bottle contains ~300 drops.

Hyabak® is not the answer for all forms of dry eye.  Please see our DRY EYE BLOGand/or speak to your eye care professional about the correct dry eye therapy for you.

Product details:

  • Preservative Free
  • Phosphate Free
  • High tolerance
  • Easy to use bottle, easy to administer drops
  • Handy size, no wastage, economical – can be used until the very last drop
  • Hypotonic solution – to restore the natural osmotic balance of the tear film
  • Suitable for use with contact lenses
  • 300 drops per bottle

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Saturday, 02 January 2021

Question to support "I have corneal abrasion due to dry eye and Ned a product such as your 2-3 items. Is there any sorbitol in any of your products? I am allergic to it.. Thank you in advance " Answer - Hyabak is free of sorbitol. There are no preservatives. The bottle is designed to protect the contents so that no preservative is required. Hyabak can be used as much as necessary and is safe after surgery and with contact lenses." __ Question to Support: "What is the difference in the effectiveness of Thealoz duo and Hyabak" Anser: The answer lies in the type of dry eye that you have. Please read… Lipid based dry eye (most common) responds well to hyabak while for a combination problem (lipid and aqueous) … Duo is best. Important – This email is not medical advice and does not create a doctor/patient relationship.

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