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Get those oil gland working better with a Bruder Mask from mEYEspaGet those oil gland working better with a Bruder Mask from mEYEspa

Bruder Moist Heat Mask

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Bruised, red, tender, swollen eyelids? - A very common complaint.  A Bruder heat mask can offer relief and help you unclog those lid oil glands!   The Bruder Moist Heat mask is the gold standard at our clinic - Highly recommend.

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The Bruder Moisture Mask is a very effective, holistic approach to dry eye and unclogging eyelid glands.  Heating your eye lids enables/activates your own body to better produce the oils essential to create a great tear film.  The mask is far better than face cloths because it delivers sustained moist heat.   A face cloth will only stay warm for approximately 40 seconds and you need a minimum of 5 minutes to have a positive effect on lipid flow/production.  5 to 10 minutes of the Bruder mask followed by lid massage works wonders for dry eye sufferers.  

We use this mask in clinic as a cross-over product for dry eye sufferers + eyelid pain issues + those suffering from digital eye strain.

Bruder masks heat in microwave.  They reusable, washable (I hand wash in the sink) and last a very very long time!   The strap is elastic and attached with good quality Velcro.

To use the mask - simply microwave for 20-25 seconds and apply to lids for 5 minutes. The moist compress helps stabilize the tear film, improves oil gland function and slows tear evaporation.

The mask has one side that is more insulated so initially cooler and then when it starts to cool down - flip it over for more heat.   Give your lids a massage after the heat to further increase effectiveness!

  • Safe for frequent use
  • Self-hydrating – no need to add water
  • Non-allergenic

All prices in CDN$ - No duty or import fees on domestic Canadian orders.

More information in the Dry Eye BLOG

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