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mEYEspa Clinic PackmEYEspa Clinic Pack
mEYEspa Clinic Pack Use anytime - spray onto lids to soothe and moisturize exhausted eyes Designed for the most common dry eye issue with high screen time

Digital Eye Strain Clinic Pack | Thealoz DUO + Hypochorous Spray

Manufacturer Thea Laboratories, Briotech Email
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This Clinic Pack is designed for those of us on screens too much! Digital fatigue is a problem of sustained use is usually a combination of focus issues and ocular surface issues. Generally symptoms of digital eye strain: feels like need to blink more, unstable vision worsened with wind or heating/cooling, longstanding, no goopy discharge or crusty lids.

Assembled by Dr. Morris these packs represent the most common collections of products used in clinic for a reduced price! The general assumption with the digital packs is that this is evaporative issue - See your Optometrist to know for sure and for help addressing the focus part of digital eye strain.*

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A new approach to Dry Eye Management Thealoz® DUO is a new concept that comes from nature. It has a novel mode of action which may enable trehalose to address different causes of dryness. Thealoz® DUO is a preservative free. Trehalose has properties that enable protection of the eyes and stabilized the corneal surface.   DUO also contains Hyaluronic acid - a gentle natural solution that lubricates with long-lasting relief

More Information on Thealoz DUO...


Although this product is great for cleaning... We have found in clinic that it is very very helpful giving the eyes a spritz of energy during long, screen intensive days!  Hypochorous spray is also antimicrobial and antiviral.

Typical Treatment Pearl:  Close eyes and spritz your eyelids when you need a refresh.  Product moisturizes and drys - no need to rinse off lids.  Uses as often as desired.

More Information on Hypochlorous Lid Spray...

* This is not medical advice – No doctor/patient relationship was formed – For general information only

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