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PRN Omega 3 (240) - High potency softgels

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You need to take the right Omega 3 (potency and dose) to help your dry eyes. PRN Omega 3's are the choice of thousands of eye care professionals.

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See the BLOG entry for dosage information.

Many generic and drug-store branded Omega 3 supplements are so low in the required elements of DHA and EPA that you would need to take 8 capsules per day to achieve a therapeutic effect!

Take two PRN capsules / day and save yourself expense and indigestion!

How to read this label!...



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Saturday, 02 January 2021

Question to support: "To eliminate dry eyes, how many should you take daily" Answer: If you follow the post here: “On the PRN Omega 3 label to the right... one serving is 4 capsules which delivers 920 mg (EPA) + 920 mg (DHA) = 1840mg. I would recommend just 2 capsules (1/2 serving size) of the PRN high potency product.” However you may want to start with 3-4 and taper back considering your longstanding dry eye challenges. If you are taking any medications, you may want to speak to your pharmacist. Omega needs ~8 weeks to work Thanks Dr.J ** This is not medical advice – no doctor/patient relationship is formed

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